Improving cooperation among teams

Introducing TeamScore®. Making you, your teams, your organisation more agile.

Sign up now & track your TeamScore® using feedback and ratings from team members, other teams, and top clients and suppliers.

Cooperation among empowered, agile teams, in a rapidly changing world,
is the key driver of profit growth and employee engagement.
The Problem

Companies focus more on top-down annual performance appraisals of individuals, not teams
The Solution

TeamScore®, a single tracking metric empowering teams to measure cooperation within and between teams using real-time crowdsourced ratings and feedback from 3 core stakeholder groups:

● Team members
● Other teams internally
● Client/supplier teams
A "Fitbit for teams" to track cooperation and become more agile

Team Member
Client / Supplier

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it"

● A measure*
to track ongoing cooperation within and between teams *(scored out of 5)

● A mechanism
to improve cooperation using crowdsourced constructive feedback

● A motivation
to keep focused on cooperation throughout the year, through peer pressure competition

More time freed up. Less stress. Better results.
Did you know? "Conflict, when well managed and focused on a team’s objectives, can generate more creative solutions than one sees in conflict-free groups."

- J. Richard Hackman (1940-2013) Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University

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